Protect Your Business From Unwanted Pests!

  • As a business owner, you want the experience your customers have with your establishment to be exceptional and positive so they return again and again. There is nothing that scares off a potential client or a hopeful, lifelong customer more than if they see pests.
  • Social media is a powerful tool and all it takes is one bad encounter with your business to suddenly have a rapid decrease in internet rankings and standing in the category of your speciality.

Preserving Your Business Reputation

  • Customer retention is your top priority because even the loss of just one potential client could mean a huge decrease in company revenue. If patrons encounter pests when dealing with your business, this could be to the detriment of your business as credibility is inevitably lost.
  • Regaining that integrity could be a long road so it’s best to never travel down it in the first place and arm yourself with our meticulous pest control services as a constant preventative measure. Just because your business is pest free today, does not mean it will be tomorrow since pests are constantly trying to find shelter and food. Regular inspections ensure your business retains its pristine appearance and attractively to your customers.

The Termitera Pest Control Approach

Our pest control model works and the reason why is because of our extreme attention to detail. Here is what you will get with our services:
 A complete inspection of the facility, targeting any problem areas where pests may currently or someday enter.
 After evaluation of your building, a divisive plan is initiated that will include the most effective EPA-registered treatments as well as our guaranteed pest control removal methods.
 Educating you and your staff about the potential problem areas and how to avoid pest infestations in the future is imperative. 
 Eradication and complete removal of the pests will give you peace of mind knowing your pest problems, if instituted with regular inspections and proper building care, will be a thing of the past.
 Routine inspections, as mentioned before are fundamental to keeping your facility pest free and perceiving any developing issues.


Guaranteed Commercial Pest Control

Any business can fall victim to pest infestations, especially within the hospitality industry dealing with food or beverage. No one is immune to the persistent efforts of pests so continual vigilance will not only protect your good name but keep your customers and employees safe from the harmful effects of these nasty invaders. Call Termitera Pest Control today!